Are You Left-Brained or Right-Brained? Discover How It Shapes You

Anatomical model of a human brain, educational tool, Are You Left or Right Brained.

Have you ever wondered why some people excel at maths and logic, while others shine in creativity and art? The concept of being left-brained or right-brained has floated around in pop psychology for decades, suggesting that each hemisphere of the brain controls certain types of thinking and behaviour. Let’s delve into what it really means and whether you can indeed be predominantly influenced by one side of your brain.


The Myth and the Reality

The idea that people are either left-brained (logical, analytical) or right-brained (creative, emotional) is rooted in real observations about brain function. The left hemisphere is typically associated with language, number crunching, and reasoning, while the right hemisphere is linked to spatial abilities, face recognition, and music. However, the theory that individuals are dominated by one side leading to specific skills and personality traits is an oversimplification.

Recent neuroscience has shown that the brain is far more interconnected than previously thought. Both hemispheres communicate through the corpus callosum, a bundle of neural fibres, making them more collaborative than competitive. In reality, while one hemisphere may be slightly more active during certain tasks, both sides are engaged to some extent.


Real-Life Examples

Take, for instance, a professional musician known for their creative melodies—a task typically ascribed to the right brain. Studies show that they also heavily utilize their left brain for structure, timing, and theory. Similarly, mathematicians, often viewed as quintessential left-brainers, can employ creative problem-solving, a right-brain activity, to tackle complex equations.


How This Affects You

Understanding that the brain does not strictly favour one hemisphere over the other can be liberating. It means you have the potential to develop skills widely across the spectrum, from logical reasoning to artistic expression. The key is practice and exposure rather than an inherent limitation set by which side of your brain is more dominant.

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