Top 10 Memes of April: A Month in Review

Person laughs at phone in cafe, enjoying Top 10 Memes of April, joyful moment captured.

April, always a month of unpredictability in both weather and internet trends, has given us an array of memes that range from hilariously relatable to downright bizarre. From viral social media phenomena to nostalgic throwbacks, let’s dive into the top 10 memes that captured our hearts and screens this April.


1. A Rollicking Start with “It’s Gonna Be May”

Every year as April winds down, Justin Timberlake’s face reappears, reminding us that “It’s Gonna Be May.” The meme, derived from NSYNC’s classic hit “It’s Gonna Be Me,” continues to be an annual favourite, signifying the start of spring and the approach of sunny days.


2. Bernie Sandersā€™ Mittens Take Two

Bernie Sanders, snug in his mittens at the Presidential Inauguration, resurfaced this April as people found new contexts for his cosy, no-nonsense look. From sitting with historical figures to popping up in TV shows, Bernie and his mittens proved their timeless appeal.


3. The Revival of “No One:”

The “No One:” meme, where hypothetical responses are shared even though no one asked, made a strong comeback, seeing use in contexts from sports commentary to daily frustrations in office emails.


4. Zoom Cat Lawyer

Who can forget the lawyer who accidentally turned himself into a cat during a Zoom call? The meme got a fresh lease of life as people across the globe continue to navigate the quirks of remote working.


5.”This Is Fine” Dog in Real Life

As the world adjusts to post-pandemic life, the “This Is Fine” dog, sitting in a room on fire, became an emblem for handling ongoing chaos with a touch of dark humour and resignation.


6. The Suez Canal Blockage

When a giant container ship blocked the Suez Canal, the internet responded with a deluge of memes. The ship epitomised everyone’s personal and professional blockages, becoming an instant meme star.


7.”Iā€™m Just Here for the Comments”

As online debates heated up, the popcorn-eating spectator meme resurged, symbolising those who relish the drama of social media squabbles without participating.


8. The Evergreen Distracted Boyfriend

The Distracted Boyfriend meme, where a man looks away from his supposed partner to gawk at another woman, was repurposed this April to reflect everything from new tech releases to snack choices during lockdowns.


9. Vaccine Selfie Celebration

With vaccinations ramping up, celebratory memes of people getting their shots proliferated, mixing humour with a dash of hope and relief.


10. Drake Hotline Approval

Drake’s reaction images from the “Hotline Bling” video continue to dominate, portraying approval and disapproval in countless scenarios, from new music releases to culinary experiments. This meme has the unique ability to succinctly capture everyday decisions and preferences, making it a relatable and enduring presence in our social feeds. It comfortably secures its spot in the top 10 memes of April, showing just how versatile and timeless a good reaction meme can be.

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