Olive Oil Wonders: 7 Surprising Uses Beyond the Kitchen

Glass bottle filled with rich, golden olive oil, symbolising its diverse uses beyond the kitchen.


The unbelievable olive oil uses extend far beyond the kitchen. Often hailed as the heart-healthy staple of Mediterranean diets, olive oil has not only charmed global palates with its culinary applications for centuries but also boasts an array of surprising non-culinary uses. From skincare to household solutions, let’s dive deep into these less-known wonders.

Unbelievable Uses for Skin Nourishment

Among olive oil’s most outstanding benefits, its role in skincare is perhaps the most transformative. Bursting with vitamins and antioxidants, it serves as a stellar natural moisturiser. Applying it directly to the skin ensures deep nourishment. Its squalene content combats skin dryness, leaving a rejuvenated soft and radiant glow. So, before reaching for that store-bought moisturiser, consider olive oil’s unbelievable nourishing properties.

Olive Oil: Hair’s Natural Ally

Tackling dry, frizzy hair, especially in unfavourable weather, can be daunting. Yet, the unbelievable uses of olive oil shine through once more. Teeming with fatty acids, it emerges as a potent natural conditioner, bestowing hair with a silken smoothness and sheen. Massaging it into the scalp can also fend off dryness, ensuring your hair’s enviable health.

Household Wonders with Olive Oil

Olive oil’s unbelievable uses aren’t limited to personal care. In the domestic sphere, pairing it with lemon juice crafts an effective natural furniture polish, ideal for reviving tired wooden surfaces. And for those sticky residues left behind by labels? A dab of olive oil ensures a fuss-free removal.

Zipper Troubles? Try Olive Oil

Few things are as vexing as a non-cooperative zipper on a treasured item. Whether it’s that stylish handbag or your trusty jacket, olive oil offers an easy fix. A couple of drops can lubricate the zipper mechanism, ensuring it glides without a hitch.

Restoring Shine to Stainless Steel with Olive Oil

The sleekness of modern kitchens often owes much to stainless steel fixtures. But maintaining their lustre can prove challenging. Here again, the unbelievable uses of olive oil are evident. A cloth lightly coated in it not only eliminates streaks but also enhances the appliance’s shine.

Olive Oil: Leather’s Conditioning Secret

Over time, leather goods, despite their durability, might lose some of their allure. A gentle application of olive oil can restore and amplify their sheen, be it those favourite boots or a cherished handbag.


Olive oil’s vast range of applications doesn’t stop at culinary delights. Its myriad roles in personal care and household hacks underscore its indispensable nature. When you next glance at that bottle of olive oil, appreciate its unbelievable and multifaceted uses.