Sticky Situations: Swift Solutions for Gum in Your Hair

Woman with curly hair blowing a bubble, representing Quick Fixes for Gum in Hair situations.

Quick Fixes for Gum in Hair: Picture this: You’re enjoying a leisurely stroll, chewing on your favourite gum, when a sudden gust of wind—or perhaps a moment of distraction—lands that sticky wad in your locks. A nightmare, right? Fear not! Getting gum caught in your hair no longer spells scissors and tears. Below, we explore tried-and-tested, not to mention surprisingly simple, methods to free your tresses from gum’s grip without reaching for the cutters.


The Ice Trick

A classic approach is the ice method. Simply wrap a few ice cubes in a thin towel or cloth and press it against the gum for about 15-20 minutes. The goal is to harden the gum, making it less adhesive and easier to break apart and comb out of your hair. It’s a bit of a waiting game, but patience pays off, preserving your hair’s length and health.


Oil: Not Just for Cooking

If the thought of cold ice on your scalp sends shivers down your spine, turn to your kitchen cupboard. Cooking oils (think olive or coconut oil) are excellent at breaking down gum’s sticky properties. Work a generous amount of oil into the gum and surrounding hair, and watch as the gum begins to slide off. Plus, you’ll treat your hair to a deep conditioning in the process!


Peanut Butter: A Sticky Solution

It may sound counterintuitive to fight sticky with sticky, but peanut butter’s oils work wonders on gum. The fats in peanut butter decrease gum’s stickiness, allowing it to be combed out easily. After the gum is gone, a quick shampoo session will rid your hair of any oily residue.


Freeze Spray: A Quick Fix

For those seeking a faster solution, hairspray or freeze spray can harden the gum in seconds. Once stiffened, gently break the gum apart and remove it piece by piece. This method, part of the “Quick Fixes for Gum in Hair” toolkit, is especially useful for those on the go.

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