Offernet Delivers 2 Finalists In The Assegai Awards 2023: Excellence Beyond Vanity Metrics

[Johannesburg, South Africa] – Offernet, a leading force in revenue optimisation and digital marketing, has once again underscored its mastery in crafting campaigns that resonate deeply with audiences, driving tangible results. As the Assegai Awards 2023 honour the best in the Direct Marketing sector, two of Offernet’s standout campaigns have emerged as finalists, bearing testament to the firm’s commitment to delivering genuine value over mere vanity metrics.

Launched in 1998 by the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa (DMASA), the Assegai Awards today stand as a gold standard, celebrating campaigns that demonstrate strategic excellence, creativity, and a clear Return on Investment (ROI). In a world cluttered with transient metrics, these awards single out campaigns that drive real impact and revenue.

Delving into the heart of Offernet’s nominations:


1. Ever wondered if you could save a life? – Rescue Donations

Background: the National Sea Rescue Institute of South Africa (NSRI) launched a poignant video campaign to elevate awareness about water safety and promote donations. The video showcased the dramatic rescue of a 10-year-old boy, Matthew, who was caught in a rip current. Orchestrated through seamless communication between NSRI’s vigilant camera operator and lifeguards, the rescue epitomised the effectiveness of combining technology with human skill.

Business Challenges:

  • Limited Awareness: The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) grappled with raising awareness, especially in inland regions where water safety often takes a back seat.
  • Sustainable Funding: For a non-profit like the NSRI, which leans heavily on public generosity and volunteers, consistent funding remains a challenge.

Impactful Results:

  • Steller ROAS: With a prudent media spend, the campaign realised a stellar 8.3X ROAS (return on advertising spend.)
  • Geographical Spread: Areas like Limpopo, Mpumalanga, and the Free State saw heightened donation activity.


2. Seconds to Act, a Lifetime to Remember: A Social Campaign to Curb Child Drowning

Background: In South Africa, over 600 child drownings annually often fade into oblivion due to their swift, unceremonious nature. NSRI aimed to cast a spotlight on this grim reality, urging vigilant care around water while generating funds for its life-preserving endeavours.


  • Awareness: Draw attention to the often-overlooked peril of drownings.
  • Donor Engagement: Evoke donations through a gripping narrative.


  • Donation Surge: A 31% boost in the inaugural month and 23% in the next.
  • Geographical Resonance: Increased donations from Limpopo, Mpumalanga, and the Free State.
  • Social Impact: Augmented awareness of water-related hazards for children.
  • Organisational Fortitude: NSRI’s operations received a financial shot in the arm, reaffirming its critical mission.


Explore the full list of finalists at Assegai Awards 2023 Finalists.


Offernet remains steadfast in its quest to drive meaningful engagement and revenue-performance-based outcomes. As the Assegai Awards ceremony looms on 9 November 2023, we eagerly anticipate celebrating the marketing mavens who consistently outshine with their inventive strategies and outstanding results.


About Offernet

Offernet, with its headquarters in London (UK) and a strong presence in Cape Town, South Africa, stands as a beacon in the realm of revenue technology. This data-informed, AI-enhanced firm sets itself apart not as a digital agency but as a true innovator and leader in revenue optimisation, particularly within the realm of digital marketing campaign strategies. Instead of focusing on traditional vanity metrics like likes, impressions, and engagements, Offernet’s litmus test for campaign effectiveness lies in Revenue Performance Metrics (RPM), placing emphasis on tangible, impactful results that positively impact a client’s bottom line.


As domain experts in Revenue Science, Offernet combines the finesse of data science with the expertise of machine learning and artificial intelligence. This powerful combination aims to turbocharge revenue growth and profitability for their clients. Central to this effort is TouchPoint®, Offernet’s exclusive software platform, which coordinates its complete revenue optimisation strategy. At its heart, Offernet is a beacon in data intelligence and technology, always driven by a singular vision: enhancing revenue growth and profitability for its clientele.  To learn more about Offernet, visit their website: https://www.offernet.net/