Leftovers vs. Takeout: Which Reigns Supreme on Lazy Weeknights?

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On those evenings when cooking feels more like a chore than a pleasure, the battle between leftovers and takeout becomes particularly relevant. Many of us face this conundrum, weighing convenience against cost, health, and taste. So, which is truly the ultimate champion for your lazy weeknight dinners: Leftovers vs. Takeout?



Takeout scores high on convenience. A few taps on a smartphone app, and a meal arrives at your door, no cooking required. Yet, leftovers offer their own form of convenience. Pre-cooked, merely a microwave stint away from a hot dinner, they simplify meal planning and preparation significantly.


Cost Effectiveness

Economically, leftovers are hard to beat. Repurposing meals not only stretches your culinary efforts further but also ensures that you get the most out of your grocery spend. Conversely, takeout can dent your wallet more significantly, especially if it becomes a habit.


Health Considerations

Leftovers often win the health debate. Home-cooked meals usually contain fewer additives and less sodium than their takeout counterparts. However, if the original meal was loaded with calories, the leftovers will be too. Takeout options have diversified, with many eateries offering healthier choices, though they often come at a premium.


Flavour and Variety

Here, takeout might edge out leftovers, offering a plethora of options from global cuisines at your fingertips. Leftovers, unless creatively repurposed, can suffer from ‘flavour fatigue’ if eaten too repetitively. However, with a bit of creativity, leftovers can be transformed into entirely new and delicious meals.



Using leftovers aligns with sustainable living by reducing food waste—a crucial consideration in today’s eco-conscious world. Takeout, while improving, often involves packaging waste, though more restaurants are shifting towards biodegradable options.

The choice between leftovers and takeout on lazy weeknights hinges on your priorities—be it cost, convenience, health, or environmental impact. Personal anecdotes suggest a mixed approach might be best: relying on leftovers when practical, and enjoying takeout for variety and as a treat. Leftovers vs. Takeout: which will you choose tonight?

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