Revolutionise Your Wardrobe: Master the Art of Folding Clothes Properly!

A neatly stacked pile of clothes folded properly using the 'Folding Your Clothes Right' method on a white surface.

Discover the Right Way to Fold Your Clothes

For years, you might have been folding your clothes in a way that’s quick and straightforward but not necessarily the best for your wardrobe’s longevity or your space management. Whether you’re a meticulous dresser or someone who grabs the nearest tee, learning the right folding techniques outlined in “Folding Your Clothes Right” can transform both your drawers and your dressing routine.

The art of folding clothes correctly is more than a neat party trick; it’s about preserving fabric integrity and maximising storage space. Traditional methods like the flat fold often lead to wrinkles and take up too much space. Instead, let’s explore more efficient techniques that professional organizers swear by.


KonMari Method by Marie Kondo

One revolutionary approach is the KonMari Method, introduced by tidying expert Marie Kondo. Instead of laying items flat, Kondo suggests folding clothes into rectangles and standing them upright. This method not only saves space but also allows you to see every item in your drawer at a glance, reducing the time spent rummaging.


The Rolling Technique

Another space-saving technique is rolling. Particularly useful for casual and knitwear, rolling prevents creases and makes each piece easily accessible – perfect for drawers and suitcases alike. Start by laying the item flat, fold in the sleeves and sides, then roll tightly from the bottom up.


Army Roll for Ultimate Space Efficiency

For the more adventurous, the army roll is perfect for maximizing space. This method is often used by military personnel to fit their entire wardrobe into a compact bag. Like the rolling technique, you begin by laying the item flat, but then you tightly roll the clothes after folding in the edges, securing it with its own or an additional elastic band.


Using Tools and Accessories

To achieve perfect folds every time, consider investing in a clothes-folding board. These boards can be adjusted to different sizes and ensure a uniform fold for every item, from shirts to trousers.


Real-Life Application

Sarah, a fashion blogger from London, shares her experience: “Switching to the KonMari method was a game-changer for my morning routine. My drawers have never looked so organised, and I feel less stressed getting ready.”


Embrace the Change and Fold Right

Changing your folding habits can seem daunting at first, but the space you’ll save and the longevity you’ll add to your clothes make it worthwhile. Start with one drawer using the techniques outlined in “Folding Your Clothes Right,” and as you see the difference, you’ll likely be motivated to redo your entire wardrobe.

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