The Most Bizarre Christmas Customs From Around the World Revealed!

Christmas wreath with pine cones on blue door, symbolizing unique global Christmas customs.

As the festive season approaches, we often think of Christmas as a time of universal joy and common traditions. However, delve a bit deeper, and you’ll find that Christmas customs can be as diverse and unique as the countries that celebrate them. In this article, we reveal some of the most bizarre Christmas customs from around the globe that might just leave you bewildered and amused.


The Christmas Witch of Italy – La Befana

In Italy, children excitedly await La Befana, a friendly witch, who brings gifts on Epiphany Eve. Unlike Santa Claus’s jolly persona, an old woman characterizes La Befana, flying on a broomstick and entering homes through the chimney to fill stockings with either sweets or coal.


Japan’s KFC Christmas Feast

In Japan, forget turkey or ham; the tradition is KFC on Christmas. This unique custom started in the 1970s from a successful marketing campaign, now a national phenomenon.


Catalonia’s Pooping Log – TiΓ³ de Nadal

Catalonia in Spain has one of the most unusual traditions known as TiΓ³ de Nadal, or the ‘Pooping Log.’ Families decorate a small log with a face, hat, and blanket. On Christmas Eve, children hit the log with sticks while singing traditional songs, encouraging it to ‘poop’ out presents.


Norway’s Hide Your Broom Tradition

In Norway, there’s a fascinating belief: Christmas Eve coincides with the arrival of evil spirits and witches. Hence, as a precaution, families often hide their brooms before going to bed. This tradition, interestingly, aims to prevent witches from stealing the brooms for their nocturnal escapades.

These traditions, as odd as they may seem, are an integral part of the cultural fabric of each country. They remind us of the incredible diversity that exists in how people celebrate this special season, perfectly embodying the essence of bizarre Christmas customs from around the world.

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